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Originally Posted by Adele_H View Post
I really don't care one way or another given our recent draft & development record.... But you're wrong.

A ton of good players went after the "lottery" phase of the 1st round throughout baseball - including quite a few in the 4-9 rounds. I remember being suprised by the quality of non-Top 10 picks, a veritable who's who.
Oney was drafted with the 1102nd overall pick in round 36. Not rounds 4-9. Oney is who this argument has started upon. Not KWJr. Junior Williams was projected to go somewhere within the first 10 rounds or so. Did we reach a little for him, perhaps. But our organization has complained about the lack of athleticism in regards to our organizational depth, and that was the determining factor in drafting Williams. Not personal interest. Did it contribute somewhat? Yeah, I'd say. But we did not draft him solely based on name recognition. If he weren't hurt and if he were hitting .350, noboby would care that we drafted Kenny's son. Too many people find anything to complain about. I'm sure many of you would complain if Beckham got hurt and didn't perform well in his pro debut. Give it a rest.

Back to the original point about Oney, it's a moot point. I'm sure his 3 at bats in Charlotte did not raise an eyebrow outside of this message board.
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