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Originally Posted by oeo View Post
LOL, you keep listing players. Still doesn't change the fact that the MLB draft is a total crapshoot, even in the first round a lot of times. You're right, it's not like the NFL draft: it's much more difficult. The chances that we drafted a major league player in that sixth round are very, very small.

Here's another one of these for you:

If your daddy was a manager, or even some way affiliated with a major league organization, you would get drafted too. It happens all around baseball. You're overreacting, and you look like a fool for doing it.

Oney Guillen is really killing the minor league system. I could just imagine where would be without him: the same place.
You're completely missing my point.

If you don't see the difference between curtousey drafting a family member and keeping him in your minor league system for two years (and promoting him to AAA no less) then I don't know what to tell you. The difference is huge.

The fact that the major league draft is hard doesn't mean you don't try to draft the best players and instead take friends and's an argument that you try to make every pick count because of the low "hit" rate. The reason I'm listing players is that your statement "chance is slim to none" that we'll find anyone outside the first few rounds is absurd. Doing an unscientific look at past 6th round drafts on every year there are between 5 and 10 players that make the major leagues. That's 20% to 33%...which means that these players aren't sure fire, but it certainly isn't like winning the lottery either. You might as well take someone with potential versus someone that was a mediocre Division III player.

Your arguement can be summed up as follows: 1) It's OK for people to be judged by who they know over their abilities in a game that is judged soley on winning and losing. 2) If something is difficult, it's a justification for not putting forth your best effort. That's a great way to run an organization.

And to Frater's point about KW Jr. I agree. That wasn't a nepotism pick (although the familiarity with KW Jr. certainly played a roll as the Sox undoubtedly where familiar with his abilities). They think he has major league potential..which he may. After all, Wichita State is a helluva better program than North Park which is a very weak division III team (we beat them by 20 runs my sophomore year). I have a much greater issue that Guillen is still in this organization than the fact that we drafted KW Jr. in the 6th round.

Oney in the organization is the result 100% of who his father is. To me, it's unethical that he is taking the spot of someone that deserves to be there...even if it's the final roster spot on the rookie ball team.

KW Jr. in the organization is the result of what may or may not be a reach of draft pick....which is no different than the Joe Borchards and Chris Snopeks of the world. The kid has talent and would have been taken by another team had the Sox not done so. That's the difference.

I have no problem drafting Sox family members if they are good. Hell, Guillen's kid that's in high school now is likely a first round pick. Take him in a heartbeat if you think he'll improve the team and I won't have a problem with it at all.

And yes I know this isn't a Sox only phenomenon. Piazza was drafted because his godfather was Tommy Lasorda. Ken Macha (from the A's) son was drafted out of Case Western (another DIII school)...of course he was a DIII All American and hit over .400 that year. The thing is with these family member picks is they don't stick around for mutliple years when it is clear that they can't produce. If they can, they are treated like everyone else and progress based on their abilities. I would have loved for Oney to have taken his opportunity and looked even average to justify his roster spot. It would have been a great story. This isn't fantasy baseball camp though. He has no business in professional baseball.

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