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Originally Posted by Hagan View Post
I think we all know why Oney was drafted. It's not as if we missed a great opportunity to pick someone else is he was taken about as late as possible.

When Oney is 70 and playing with his grandkids I think bragging about going 0 for whatever in a AAA game in 2008 will be the last thing he brings up.

He isn't taken at bats away from anyone, they aren't gonna move people up from Birmingham for a day. They start the playoffs in 2 days. And Winston Salem is battling for a playoff spot as they still have 4 more games in the season. Plus Oney serves as a mentor/ coach for a lot of the young latins in the organization. He has his sights on coaching and is a great communicator with the younger members of the organization.

I think you guys just need to get over it!

KW Jr. is another entirely different issue. He was a 6th rounder and got a big bonus and has spent his entire first year on the DL. If that pick doesn't work out than I could understand some of the criticism.
That's the key piece there... If it was anyone other than KWJR, on the DL with a shoulder injury, there wouldn't be this much doucebaggery. But people constantly look for reasons to hate management for whatever reason.
Ha Ha Ha!!!!!
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