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Originally Posted by oeo View Post

Kenny Williams Jr. was also projected as a 9th round pick.

I just don't get all this whining. Yeah, there's a chance we could have gotten a good player there, but the chance was slim to none. All the continued whining over that pick is annoying as hell. I know we had a Hall of Famer all but wrapped up there, but let it go.
The chance was slim to none that we'd get a good player in the 6th round? You're joking right. This isn't like the NFL draft where the sixth round is total garbage.

Other sixth round picks: Jaime Moyer, Lance Johnson, Deion Sanders, Tom Gordon, Jim Edmonds (7th round actually), Eric Karros (the 1992 Rookie of the Year), Troy Percival, Joe Nathan, Tim Hudson, J.J. Putz, John Maine, Pat Neshak, Ryan Braun, Kevin Kouzmanoff, and Matt Kemp.

Players taken even later:
Jermaine Dye taken in the 17th round. Roy Oswalt 23 round. Russell Martin 17th round. Jason Bay 22nd round. Dan Uggla 11th round. Nate McClouth 25th round. These are just a few I've found doing 5 minutes of research.

EVERY YEAR dozens of players taken after the 6th round become starters on major league teams. Some become all stars. You cannot throw away these picks.

To me its a matter of principle anyway. In life you should have to earn your own way, not be handed something. I'm sorry you disagree with this. I don't mind the Kenny Williams pick because at least he was a minor league talent. Oney was not and gets special treatment because of who his father is.

I'd also be a bit more lenient if we had a minor league system that didn't need to be totaly rebuilt. It'd be nice to be able to bring someone up in a pennant race that could help you know every other team we are competing against. We brought up Jerry Owens and a bunc of AAAA relief pithers. We don't have a fifth starter. That is why I have a problem with the Oney Guillen summer baseball camp experience.

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