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Originally Posted by Adele_H View Post
I don't think the whole thing is any bigger of a deal than say Ron Schueler drafting his family cat or something like that a while back, this sort of nepotism-y thing happens in a lot of organizations, but I do take some issue with the above as


among others were late-round picks. 6th round where KW's son was taken? PLenty of good major leaguers came from that over the years, I am just too lazy to look it up.
Jared Washborn out of Wisconsin Oshkosh was either completely undrafted or drafted late as well. Again, I don't really mind the courtousy pick late...but the fact that he is still in the system after 2 years (and is progressing no less) is a different story to me.

It's somewhat ironic that you mention Piazza, since he was drafted as a favor to Tommy LaSorda (who was his godfather). The story goes that Piazza never caught before entering the Dodgers minor league system, but he said he had catching experiance, knowing that being a backup catcher was really his only chance to stick. Of course he made the most out of his gift opportunity (hitting above .182 I would assume) and went on to become the best offesnive catcher of all time.

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Archie Graham: Right.
Shoeless Joe Jackson: But watch out for in your ear.
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