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Originally Posted by UofCSoxFan View Post
I'm not joking at all. I think its a joke the Oney is in this organization to begin with, let along being promoted to AAA, even for the last day of the year. This is pro baseball. This isn't feel good everyone get's a trophy ball.

In the grand scheme of things it really doesn't matter, you're right. But no one seems to care what kind of message this sends to everyone else in the organization that is looking to move up.

If I was a player in AA I'd be pretty pissed about this as I patiently wait my chance while Oney ".182" Guillen gets rewarded with a prmotion. The minor leagues should be a meritocracy....this nepotism bull**** has no place.

So yes I'm serious. It pisses me off when underserving people get rewarded becuase of who they know, or for other rasons than their actual skill set. It happens all the time in life so people seem immune to it....doesn't make it right though.
I highly doubt any middle infielder is complaining that they didn't get to play in Charlotte's last game of the year. They'll start the playoffs in a few days and they'll get some rest. Do they really want to get called up one level for one game and then go back down for the playoffs? This is a complete non issue. I don't think Oney is going to be struttin around town bragging that he played AAA baseball.
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