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Originally Posted by Hagan View Post
I think we all know why Oney was drafted. It's not as if we missed a great opportunity to pick someone else is he was taken about as late as possible.

When Oney is 70 and playing with his grandkids I think bragging about going 0 for whatever in a AAA game in 2008 will be the last thing he brings up.

He isn't taken at bats away from anyone, they aren't gonna move people up from Birmingham for a day. They start the playoffs in 2 days. And Winston Salem is battling for a playoff spot as they still have 4 more games in the season. Plus Oney serves as a mentor/ coach for a lot of the young latins in the organization. He has his sights on coaching and is a great communicator with the younger members of the organization.

I think you guys just need to get over it!

KW Jr. is another entirely different issue. He was a 6th rounder and got a big bonus and has spent his entire first year on the DL. If that pick doesn't work out than I could understand some of the criticism.
I guess we'll agree to disagree. I prefer players to earn it. If it makes Oney happy knowing he had a professional baseball career because of his last name, that's fine. For me personally, I don't know if I'd take much pride in it.

I guess part of the reason I have a problem with Oney is that I played against him the one year while he was at Norh Park. IMO he really wasn't that good of a player, even compared to other DIII players. He has a good glove but was a very weak hitter. Worst of all, in my opinion, he was extremely lazy both in warm ups and during the game. If he was a hard working kid I'd cut him some slack, but based on the 1 time I saw him out there (again maybe he's change or maybe he just had a bad game) he hardly played the game the right way, which was suprizing given who his father is.

It is what it is. I'm sure one day he'll find his way on the major league roster.

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