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Originally Posted by remember ventura View Post
Thanks for clarifying that.

I've seen Stefan Gartrell play in college when he was a teammate of Aaron Poreda at the University of San Francisco. My honest assessment then, and it still stands now, is that he is one-dimensional. Currently, he is batting .249 with 101 K's in 389 ABs.

Enough of the Josh Fields type players that are butchers in the field and have an unremarkable strikeout/walk ratio.
Yeah I agree completely. From this point forward we should only draft position players that can play very good defense, walk, don't strike out a lot, and hit a ton. Why haven't we done this from the beginning?

BTW I don't like sending some of the better pitching prospects to the AFL for the extra work. I'd rather send them home to get their work done. Send the Wes Whislers and the like instead.
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