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Originally Posted by jabrch View Post
He's been hitting all along. He's "finally" starting to show power. And by "finally" you mean after 64 ABs in Great Falls and going straight to Kanny and having a whole 157 ABs there. And by "finally hitting", you mean that he has tore up GF (.375/.437/.438) and is consistently hitting in the Sally league (.287/.351/.420)

That said, he is showing power and looking solid, but he is a long way (2 years) from being close to the big leagues.
Yes I was referring more to the power than anything. And yes I know he had limited power in college, but he also has the frame to put on significant muscle mass in my opinion. He has a very good, "line drive" swing IMO and while I don't see him as a 30 to 40 HR guy, I don't think 20 plus is unreasonable.

Again, all this may be moot. As has been said, he's AT LEAST 2 years away and who knows if he'll even stay in this organization.

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