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Originally Posted by D. TODD View Post
Farmer goes nuts on Bonds and others, and as you stated Hawk is as big a homer as they come. If Santo hates Velverde and his antics go ahead and rip him. Valverde IS a major hot dog with annoying antics, but no more then Zambrano for Santo's beloved Cub, so he does come off quite hypercritical with this outrage.

That's exactly what I was thinking. I don't like Velverde doing that garbage either. But if the wigged wearing one is going to go off like that on the guy, me thinks he should maybe, possibly take a lil' looksee at the antics of the fat Jackass that started last night for his beloved, stupid, little team. Or how abouts casting a critical eye towards Ramirez, who stands at the plate and admires his doubles off the wall before he begins running. Or Soriano and his "cute" little hops right before he catches a fly ball.
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