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Default Anyone listening to WGN Radio last night?

I didn't get to tune into any of the game last night until I was in my car, late, and it was the 9th inning. So all I heard was the 9th.

I couldn't believe Santo's antics.

Its one thing to be a cheerleader for your team. I think most of us have heard Santo's blatherings over the success or lack thereof of the Cubs. It goes beyond being a "homer" type announcer. Hawk Harrelson is a "homer." But at least Hawk is an announcer -- he's a professional. What Santo does is completely unprofessional.

But he took it to a new level in the 9th inning last night. When Valverde came in as the closer for the D-backs, Ron began a verbal onslaught. For all practical purposes, Ron Santo was telling the audience that he hated Valverde. He agreed that he was good, but that he was a "hot dog," and a "weasel," and basically accused him of cheating with the way he delivers a baseball to the plate. He harped on this for the first two batters, and declared that nothing would make him happier than to put a hot dog like Valverde in his place, and to beat him.

I was unaware of there being any "bad blood" between the D-backs and Cubs, and particularly with Valverde. I just thought Santo was over the line on this. Every now and then, you'll hear an announcer get into it about a player who is a rival, but its either low key and with a modicum of respect (Ed Farmer does this), or its in light of an incident, like the Barrett/AJ fight, or when Tori Hunter bulldozed our catcher a few years back.

I just thought Santo went way too far, and was extremely unprofessional. Did anyone else listen in?
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