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Originally posted by gogosoxgogo
I'm positive that it was not my computer. I was accessing several other java programs that day both before and after trying the chat room. I told you, I know it isn't a limit that you're setting limiting the number of people in the room. I believe you. I'm willing to bet a major backbone is responsible for this. This could be on either your end, or my end. Maybe it was my service provider, I don't know, but it had nothing to do with the java client on my computer.
Did you reboot your computer that night and try to get in? If you didn't, you can't make this statement since it is a known fact rebooting has fixed the problem for myself and others in the past.

The important thing here is anybody reading this thread who does have a JVM installed should try rebooting their computer if they can't download the client. Or you can ignore my advice and complain about not being able to get in. It is up to the individual.
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