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Originally posted by FarWestChicago
You have obviously rebooted several times since then. There were a handful of people in there that night. We have 3-4 times as many during games. And people were joining AFTER some of you hit this "limit". How did they get in if there was a "limit". Use some logic. There is evidence that a computer can get in a state where it can't download the Java client and needs a reboot (it has happened to me). We also know people got in the room after you couldn't. Think about it.
I'm positive that it was not my computer. I was accessing several other java programs that day both before and after trying the chat room. I told you, I know it isn't a limit that you're setting limiting the number of people in the room. I believe you. I'm willing to bet a major backbone is responsible for this. This could be on either your end, or my end. Maybe it was my service provider, I don't know, but it had nothing to do with the java client on my computer.
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