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Originally posted by gogosoxgogo
Dude, the chat just loaded for me right now as it has done in the past. I know it isn't on my end. I believe you that there's no limit that you set as to how many people could get into the chatroom, but perhaps on that particular day, the connection hosting the chatroom must have been messed up. Ordinally, I would have said my connection was screwed up, but I distinctly remember a thread that very day where several people were complaining about the chat room not loading.
You have obviously rebooted several times since then. There were a handful of people in there that night. We have 3-4 times as many during games. And people were joining AFTER some of you hit this "limit". How did they get in if there was a "limit". Use some logic. There is evidence that a computer can get in a state where it can't download the Java client and needs a reboot (it has happened to me). We also know people got in the room after you couldn't. Think about it.
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