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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo
My whole point with this thread is that with their superior resources, there is no reason why the Sox can't routinely smother the Twins. All they have to do is be as smart as the Twins are when it comes to drafting and development, and then the Sox will be able to do what the Twins cannot - retain their homegrown talent.
We'll see what happens on that front, beginning with Torii Hunter. Keep in mind, they're erasing a huge contract from their payroll in Radke, so that gives them some flexibility.

With Liriano, Silva (maybe), Bonser and Garza in the rotation, they only have a $15 million dollar rotation, including Santana.

And, with the new stadium on the way, they're going to be very careful about not letting key pieces go so they can open the new stadium with a competitive team.

Personally, I don't think they should spend $10-12 million a year on Hunter at this point. He's definitely lost a step or two, and, at lhis age, it's hard to get that back (look at Pods). Of course, he's been on a huge homer tear the last week, so many would argue that replacing Hunter w/ Jason Tyner long-term just can't work, that Tyner's weaknesses as an everyday player will be exposed. They really need Kubel to turn it up a notch offensively if they are going to shed Hunter...or sign someone much better than Boone, Batista or Rondell White out of the bargain bin.

As far as the other part of the question goes, they need to do a much better job in Latin America (especially the Dominican and Venezuela) than they have recently. When's the last stud Dominican player we scouted and signed? And we need to spend Yankees money to get some of these guys that have escaped. Yes, we did get Magglio and C-Lee out of the Americas, and we're broadening our reach with Iguchi/Takatsu, but we have to get some of those home-grown 16 year olds that turn out to be the next Vladimir Guerrero or Liriano or Santana.