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Originally Posted by Ol' No. 2
But isn't that basically the Billy Beane argument? Sure they fielded teams better than expected based on their payroll, but it's no substitute for actually winning something.

It's not that I disagree that the Twins do a great job scouting and developing their young players. But until they actually win something, so what?
It would be nice if the A's and Twins could field teams that won in the postseason, but you need payroll to do that. Where the Twins and A's are amazing is that they have similar payrolls to much worse teams (and perennially worse teams) and a much smaller payroll than many inferior teams.

Heck--the prime example of great scouting and great management, the Atlanta Braves has the same problem the A's and Twins have of not being successful in the playoffs (of course they do have that ONE WS championship) but the Braves have a significantly higher payroll than the A's or Twins.

I'm no friend of Beane, and I think his impact is signifcantly overstated, but I do have to give infinite credit to the Twins and A's scouting and development. Look at how much more successful they have been, and over an extended period of time than: Rangers, Dodgers, Padres, Cubs, Astros, Orioles, Mariners, Blue Jays, Phillies, and Mets--all teams with much higher payrolls.

Is their system perfect? No, of course not--they haven't won what counts. But they need more payroll to do that and that's not Ryan or Beane's fault. And guess what--you get to hang division championship flags in your stadium and they look pretty pretty