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Originally Posted by Ol' No. 2
Terry Ryan didn't say did.
Not to disagree with the basic statement. Terry Ryan has done a great job given the meager resources he's allotted by Pohlad. But in the end, he's won only one playoff series, and that was against the A's.

I see what where you're going with this. The A's and Twins are similar in that both are low payroll teams that rely on trades and building their farm systems to compete. Both teams have different ways of building their systems, but both have done an excellent job of having good regular seasons with below average payrolls.

But, as you say, neither team has won a World Series since Ryan or Beane have been around. And out of all those playoff appearnces, the Twins have only won one playoff series against the A's.

On a slightly different note, it's funny that people at various White Sox message boards wish worse on the A's then the Twins. Sure their GM is a loudmouth, but both organizations have philosophies that have worked for them and both deserve respect for keeping a competitive team in a small market. But that's as far as it goes. Personally, I don't worry about how big the GM's ego is or whatever. The Twins are in our division, and I wish only the worst for them. A lot worse then anything the A's go through. If the Twins and A's switch divisions, I'll change my opinion of the teams. But until then Ryan and the Twins are just another obstacle that needs to be defeated.