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Originally Posted by Daver
No, not really. Beane's philosphy is targeting high stats guys, and exclusively scouting them, without scouting lower tier players, wheras the Twins scout as many players as they can as thouroughly as they can, regardless of stats. They are willing to draft guys with average numbers if their scouts are convinced that a player has a flawed approach that is causing average numbers, and then let their coaches fix it. the Twins not winning anything is also caused by their philosphy on developing players, they refuse to trade away young talent to buy a veteren prescence for a post season push.
With the exception of Shannon Stewart and signing Rogers in 2003.

And the hitters they gave up to get Stewart were not top flight prospects, wasn't one of them Kielty or Mohr?

Essentially, they have refused to part with any of their top pitching prospects and have paid the price when they couldn't quite scrape by offensively against the Yankees and Red Sox caliber of teams...the differential was just too big for either the A's or the Twins to make it up in pitching superiority.
Interesting article about the Twins' philosophy

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