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On a more uplifting note, out of the 18 series contested in the AL to get to the WS since 2000, 7 have been won by teams with higher ERA's.

2004 Yankees (4.69) over Twins (4.03)
2003 Red Sox (4.48) over A's (3.63)
2002 Twins (4.12) over A's (3.68)
2001 Yankees (4.02) over A's (3.59)
2001 Yankees (4.02) over Mariners (3.54)
2000 Yankees (4.76) over A's (4.56)
2000 Yankees (4.76) over Mariners (4.50)

The Twins, A's and Mariners were all built for regular season success but failed abysmally in the playoffs. So obviously, they were flawed teams that didn't come through at crunch time for one reason or another.

Of course, the only teams to beat these "fundamentally" superior teams have normally been the offensive juggernauts, the uber teams the Yankees and Red Sox.