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Or the Braves...however, over 13-14 years of opportunities you would like to think you would have more WS titles to show for your efforts than the Marlins.

All you can do is keep stockpiling quality arms and hope than 10% of them pan out...the "waves and waves" we heard about when the 2000 farm system was ranked first behind the likes of Rauch, Garland, Wright, Ginter, Guerrier, Malone, Jason Stumm, Honel, Barcelo, etc.

We all know how difficult it is to develop frontline starting pitching. Still, over the last 10 years even, we've drafted and produced more quality starters than the Twins.

The Twins have Radke (an 8th rounder in 1991)

We have Buehrle, Kip Wells and Josh Fogg that became regular MLB starters.
Josh Rupe, Lumsden and Gio Gonzalez all have a chance to make rotations in 07. Then we have McCarthy.

The Twins have Garza, while we counter with Broadway from the same draft.