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Don't forget Josh Rupe, he played a part in the Rangers' victory yesterday out of the pen for Koronka.

I feel the White Sox have more of a pressure to win now than ever before, although KW has always used the system to fix gaps in the big league roster. A lot of Twins fans always complain that Ryan never makes that finally move (acquiring a Soriano or Lee) that requires shedding one of their best prospects, usually a pitcher. What's better, to win three division championships in a row and fail to make the WS or do what the Sox did last season? I think most of us would take the latter.

I am curious as to why the Sox passed on Garza...and I think he definitely defies the notion of letting the players progress one step at a time, he's gone from the Florida State League to the majors in less than one season. It just shows how desperate the Twins have become that they're willing to jeopardize his career to get to the playoffs this season...and that they started Liriano in questionable circumstances.

The Twins have showed a lot of patience over the last 2-3 years with Mauer, Morneau and Cuddyer. The White Sox haven't had the same luxury in the past with players like Borchard because we always had to "win now," so last year was very important as they players matured and the patience that was shown paid off. Even this May, they were thinking of sending down Morneau for a wake-up call. And Kubel is still recovering from his knee problems.

But if you at Lohse, Santana, Liriano, Nathan, Bonser, Silva...they were all acquired from outside the organization. The Twins have not had success with Baker either. A lot of their top prospects like Adam Johnson failed to pan out.

And they've made great tweaks like adding Kenny Rogers here or Shannon Stewart there to get them over the top...they totally changed their pen of Hawkins/Romero/Guardardo and remade one that is maybe even better, and this was after the loss of Balfour to injury, who was another key piece.