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what has disappointed me the past few years is the sox inability to get draft picks when their guys leave. Magglio, Valentin, S Alomar, Tony G, R Alomar, C Everett, S Sulivan are some of the guys recently denied arbitration. I won't say i wasn't happy to see them go, but I believe we could have offered to valentin and everett and they would have looked elsewhere. I still believe magglio would have turned down arbitration, and because we won a coin flip against florida that year, wouldn't that have given us detroit's #1 pick (#10 overall)?

Kenny Williams' propensity to include many team options in contracts is mainly the cause of this. club options were denied to thomas, eldred, wells, S Alomar #2, C Everett #2, B Davis, and S Schoenweis, which netted us zero draft picks. That is his style, and I think it is still a good one, so please don't blast me for this. It does a good job of avoiding the bad contracts that can cripple teams.

Perhaps to counteract his philosophy of trading prospects for major league talent, KW can trade a MLB ready prospect that is blocked at the big club for a pair of low A prospects with good upside. But the sox have plans with fields and rogowski isn't hyped very much to get a good return.

when thinking about the sox approach to development, it explains why they pick fewer raw talent guys and go for the lower ceiling college players (mostly pitchers). A perfect example of this is the royce ring pick.
i apologize that this post is long and doesnt add any new insight.

We will see how the future stacks for us.