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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1

Can't argue with your post. My biggest concern though is the WAY they are losing games. Something just isn't right and I can't pinpoint it yet.

Konerko was right, this is not last year's team.

My hope is that this version doesn't turn out to be like the 1973, 1984 or 1995 version.

Historically the Sox do not seem to play well when they are the hunted and not the hunter. Maybe that's because so few times has the franchise in fact been the hunted.

We'll see... but there are some real issues right now that have to be worked through. From a slew of minor nagging injuries that didn't seem to happen until last July, to lousy friggin' weather (although BOTH teams have to play in it..) to a bullpen that in my opinion is worse then last season to 'championship hangover...'

The two issues that worry me the most are the bullpen and the sub OF's. We know that Ozzie uses the bench more than most and we really have 3 utility IF's, a catcher and a backup 1st basemen as our bench. Pablo and Gload are not OF's, period. Cintron is purely an IF guy and Mack is adequate at best in the OF. He's a nice athlete that won't totally embarrass you in the OF, but is, at best, an average OF defensively. I couldn't stand Timo, but I'm worried that the offense we gain with Mack will be given back by his defense. Mack failed to make at least two catchable balls in game 2, lost his mind on a runner going for third and failed to backup Anderson last night (a move you're told about in tee-ball). He made a great catch on a ball down the line, but I'm concerned that he'll make some great plays, but fail to make the routine. We hurt our defense significantly when Pod's, Dye or Anderson are on the bench. The bullpen needs to shake itself out, but we are weaker than last year. Boone has no business pitching in anything other than a 5 run game unless we are out of pitchers.