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Originally Posted by oeo
Exactly, this team is built to win a lot of games, don't let a few games get to you. Not only will we win a lot of games, but we will get stronger as the season moves on...unlike other teams like the Indians whose pitching will faulter. We're a great team, and we're going to win the division...hang in there and stop whining.
I think that for the most part, the posts in this thread have been measured. There's nothing wrong with saying the Sox played a piss-poor game last night; they did. There will always be a few people who freak out completely--especially in a group the size of this one--but all in all, most of us know baseball, we know our team is solid, and we know it is wayyyy too early to panic. In fact, I'm hoping to track down my Indians fan friend soon, so I can sucker him into a bet! Couldn't get him to bite last year--despite all his crap about us choking down the stretch--but he's probably awash in that Cleveland kool-aid right now and should be a pushover.