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Originally Posted by Taliesinrk
Yeah.. something like that.. look, maybe I go against your point here; but if people are looking for reasons to come back off the ledge until may (or like june it their case) look to how the Astros started out last year. Granted, they were smoked by some other team in the WS, but they still made it. We'll be alright for a while guys. I know I was as frustrated as the next guy last night... but today's a new day!!!!
Exactly, this team is built to win a lot of games, don't let a few games get to you. Not only will we win a lot of games, but we will get stronger as the season moves on...unlike other teams like the Indians whose pitching will falter. We're a great team, and we're going to win the division...hang in there and stop whining.

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