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Originally Posted by PaulDrake
I'm too lazy to look it up but I think the list of teams that started out 1-3 and didn't win anything would be a little longer.
Well let's see...

For the first 68 years of existence, the AL sent exactly ONE team to the playoffs every year. With an average of 8 teams in the league over that stretch, the odds are good that about 3 every year averaged a 1-3 start or worse.

Then the league expanded to 12 teams and started sending 2 teams to the playoffs every year and the odds are that 4 teams got off to a 1-3 or worse start. This period lasted for about 25 years.

Now there are 14 teams and 4 playoff positions, so there are still 5 teams a year averaging a 1-3 start or worse. This has been the case for the last 13 years with no playoffs in one of them - call it 12 years.

That means there were a minimum of 136+50+12 = 198 teams that started out that way and didn't make the playoffs (if every single team who had a poor start after 4 games DID make it that is).

So what's my point?

I don't have one, but neither do you and neither did the guy who pointed out that the list of teams who made it after 1-3 starts.

The point is that you cannot predict one damned thing about the way the season will go 4 games into the season. It's just not possible, PERIOD.

Everyone needs to step back from the ledge, take a deep breath and enjoy the ride. Last year was fun, right? Right now the Bears haven't even had the chance to lose their first game. The Sox are the equivalent of 5 minutes into the second quarter of the first game of the season in the NFL. I know some people are pessimists, but seems a bit extreme to jump off the bandwagon or even freak out at that point in the season to me...

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