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Originally Posted by Jurr
It's so funny...every year, I have to remove this big black scuff area off of one place on my wall, because my habit after bad losses is to throw shoes.
It wasn't until September last year that the scuffed spot got bad. It was soothing to break it in tonight.

Baseball's back. WSI is coming back to earth a little, too. I love it.
Whenever I get the urge to throw something bad--like a hammer--Mr.Mary Swiss knows it's his job to take it away and give me something good to throw--like a paperback book or a pillow. I mean, why destroy a perfectly good big-screen TV?

However, I'm not sure having a big-screen TV is all it's cracked up to be anyway. It just seems to make miserable games like last night's harder to watch.

I get to miss most of today's game due to volleyball practice, and I plan on remembering last night's game every time I take a swing. Good therapy!