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Originally Posted by PaulDrake
I'm too lazy to look it up but I think the list of teams that started out 1-3 and didn't win anything would be a little longer.
Well yeah, a lot of bad teams will start out 1-3. The whole point is, we are not a bad team, and there are a ton of good teams that started 1-3 and succeeded. 1-3 means absolutely's not like no one is going to have this kind of game against us this year, every team has its bad games. Every team in baseball will have their fair share of bad games, you cannot say, "we need to win these games now," it's only a three game losing streak. If we'd have lost these last three games midseason, it woudn't be a big deal to you guys, but you feel that we have to win every single game. We got off to a fast start last year, you shouldn't have gotten your hopes up that we were going to do the same this year. Actually, there's still time to have a fast start...who's to say we won't win our next 10 games?

We will be fine.