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Originally Posted by OkStateSox
This is all ridiculous. Someone needs to create a WSI entry and see what kind of massive altercation would take place.
What's ridiculous is that it is even an issue in the first place. Junior high no-necks give WSI a whirl but decide to act like the bozos that post on other boards (i.e. the boards). The mods warn them nicely to follow the rules, alert them to the policies, etc. Doesn't seem to work for some people. So they get the boot, try to re-register with clever user names (inta8, inta9, et al) and seem all surprised when their new handle gets locked out before they can even post. Then they go off and whine to the world about how "mean" everyone is at WSI and how they can't express their opinions. A logical course of action.

The truth of the matter is is that WSI is one of the finest team fan sites that I know of. It is so refreshing to visit a message board that keeps things in check and doesn't let debates break down into gay jokes, violent threats and other such nonsense. The fact that a former valuable member is sitting around monitoring Wikipedia to delete any references to WSI shows just how delusional some of these lunatics are.
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