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In honor of actor Andy Garcia and his (unintentionally) hilarious reaction to Sofia (Mary Corleone) Coppola's death scene in "The Godfather, Part III."
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still more headlines

Posted 12-04-2010 at 02:24 PM by TommyJohn
Updated 06-22-2017 at 07:43 PM by TommyJohn

A guy in Ohio was arrested for indecent exposure for masturbating in public. He was wearing a "White Sox 2005 World Champions" shirt at the time of his exposure and arrest:

White Sox fan arrested, charged with indecent exposure
Fan was wearing "White Sox World Champions" t-shirt in public place

"It will be extremely difficult to convince everyone that the White Sox have no fans if we keep seeing this" said Trib official who called police

Morrissey: How disgusting, flaunting it like that. Tuck it in, people.

Sullivan: Top ten worst moments of Sox fan indecent exposure

Editorial: White Sox fans still stuck in past

Arrested fan: "I don't mind being stuck in the past. There are a lot worse places where I can stick it out"

After the Bears-Colts Super Bowl, I took another snarky jab at the 1972 Miami DingDong Dolphins (who were crying about my headline, I'm sure):

Both teams score touchdowns as Colts win Super Bowl XLI

1971 Dolphins throw champagne party

Nick Buoniconti: "All right! We're still the only team not to score a touchdown in a Super Bowl game! A toast!"

Bob Griese: "I was hoping that my son wouldn't get in the game, because that would probably mean that the Bears hadn't scored. Thanks, Rex!"

Larry Csonka: "Who the hell are you to tell me I shouldn't celebrate? Our team did something no other team has ever done, fail to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl. I'm happy, **** you if you don't like it."

Don Shula: "What we accomplished is unique. We're very proud to be the only team never to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl. If the Bears or Colts had failed to score a TD, I would've welcomed Lovie or Tony into our exclusive club. But they didn't make it, so we don't mind saying we're proud and happy."

A post inspired by CLR01. I don't remember his exact post, I think that it was something about Sox fans being the Antichrist.

Pope, Dalai Lama, Mahareshi, Greek Orthodox Archbishop all convene at Wrigley

"We all heard about what a holy shrine Wrigley
was, up there with the Sistine Chapel" said His
Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. "So we decided to
have a conference here, to find out for ourselves
and to commune with the holy pilgrims to this
site. And you know what? Everything said about
Wrigley is true. It truly is paradise on earth. I am
considering conducting Midnight Mass here next
Christmas Eve. And those underwear ads on the
wall are far more beautiful than anything ever
painted by Michelangelo. It is a truly a Cathedral of

Wrigley has "great karma" says Mahareshi

Damien Thorn and Head of Church of Satan seen at Cell

"I'm here to recruit" says Head of Church. "Sox
fans are our kind of people."

"I love the White Sox!" said Thorn. "I grew up in
the Chicago suburbs after Gregory Peck got killed
trying to off me at the end of the first film. My
earthly stepfather, William Holden, took me to
my first game when I was six. Was it six? Yeah, six.

He tried to take me to a game at Wrigley Field
first. But as we got closer to Wrigley I started
to shake all over and a chorus started an ominous
Latin chant. As soon as we started to get out of
the car all my Father's Home broke loose.
I began screaming and punching Lee Grant.
They realized right then and there that Comiskey
Park was the perfect place for me.

I shook hands with Bill Veeck and met my
favorite player, Bucky Dent.

But don't think I hate the
Cubs, because I don't. Why,
two of my all-time favor-
ites are Leon Durham and
Bill Buckner, both of whom
thought I was so cute that
they gave me hugs. I was
also at Game 6 of the 2003
NLCS, sitting next to Steve

But I'm more of a Sox fan.
I love White Sox fans and players.
really aren't
as bad as the media
portrays them. Trust me on that" says the Son of Lucifer.

White Sox adopt Rambo for 2007 ad

Sullivan: No surprise Sox pick Rambo, a shirtless, violent, obsessed psycho

"I love Rambo! He's my favorite! I took off my shirt at the game in honor of him!" -William Ligue, convicted felon and World's Number 1 White Sox Fan

Cubs 2007 ads to feature Rocky Balboa

Morrissey: No surprise Cubs pick lovable, quintessential, All-American underdog/hero
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