View Full Version : Two grand slams in one game

04-14-2008, 06:59 PM
It was exciting to see the Sox hit two grand slams in one game, it truly is
a rare feat. Sources list it as the third time in White Sox history that this
has been done-the other two times being in 1995 (Robin Ventura against
Texas) and 1996 (Darren Lewis and Ventura.) Sigh. How quickly we all
forget. :(: It is actually the FOURTH time in White Sox history that players
hit two grand slams in one game.

On May 1, 1901 Herm McFarland and Dummy Hoy hit the first two grand
slams in the history of the one week old American League. Sources differ
as to which one did it first; a website dedicated to Hoy says he did, but
Total White Sox by Richard Lindberg lists McFarland before Hoy. Given
Lindberg's encyclopedic knowledge of White Sox history, I'll say it was
probably McFarland. That day the Sox crushed their opponent by the
final score of 19-9. The losing team? The Detroit Tigers.