View Full Version : Sunday's loss 10-0

04-28-2002, 09:11 PM
I was able to watch the entire game today. Expecting a bounce back from the recent form I was excited to be able to sit down and finally watch an entire Sox game for the first time in the last three days. I was extremely disappointed at our guys as they were pathetically awful. Three errors is just inexcusable. Jose looked terrible at third and Magg's error was really bad. It was his first of the year, but I think my grandmother could have fielded that ball. I'm not going to be hard on Todd Ritchie because aside from walking way too many guys, he pitched a decent game. He can't be blamed for a poor defensive performance. Dare I say it but Royce was the best player out there from a defensive standpoint. He had a beautiful Jeter-esque backhand in the hole and throw to first. I was impressed/shocked. The bullpen needs a rest. Five innings from a starter is gonna wear out our relievers before too long and it's starting to show. Howry was purely at fault for his 3 ER. I mean you can't walk two guys and then serve up homer. Aside from once again WALKING two people in his inning, Parque pitched well in relief. Maybe he is getting his act together. I think tomorrow will be a much deserved/needed day off for the good guys. Hopefully we can come back and take 2 of 3 from Seattle. That would satisfy me. Another sweep or only one win out of three won't please me much and I'll get worried. It's our #3-5 starters so lets hope we can get something out of them. Go Sox! Please start the winning ways again.