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ode to veeck
04-27-2002, 01:41 AM
So, Parque was nearly the last effective starter standing left on the Sox last year, and an effective and tough competitor at that. But why all the whining you ask, during his obviously needed rehad in the minors after his mid-season trip to the surgeon last year? Why no other better reason than to convince Spineless Jerry Manuel to send down another not quite over his third shoulder surgery Barcelo and bring up the whining Parque. He took some pitching practice before the game and we asked, please don't let him pitch tonight! Little did we know how sadly prophetic those pre-game thoughts were.

Skyscraper Rauch was working his way surprisingly well through a rough start, allowing no runs until his own throwing error slash missed signal from Konerko. Jose Valentin's mishandled hot grounder and toss towards the Sox dugout only left the Sox tied at that point, through 5 . But here's where Spineless Jerry took over and just decided to forefit the game. What better way to deal with Parque's whining from the minors than to throw him into the late innings heat of battle with the first real contender the Sox have played since Seattle.

No matter that the whining Parque has been getting just shelled in his rehab in the minors and that his curve ball barely registers 70MPG, while his heat topped out at batting practice 80 - 82. Long waited his pitches until the count grew heavy in balls, actually scowling as Parque put ball three low and out of the strike zone, because he was already measuring , no actually drooling, for the chance to make the batting practice HR stroke he put away on the first (and very fat pitch) that was all Parque could muster down over the plate. Before Long's HR, West bet me it would be at least four runs before the inning was over with Parque in there, and he was wrong. Though the very next pitch to Hernandez was also another batting practice HR stroke, Parque somehow managed to get pesky for Menechino out for the first time all night, making the third out and losing West's bet , albeit by the shade of a nipple if measured by any practical purposes.

Nonetheless, the game was, more or less over at that point. Having Jerry Manual essentially forefit the gam before our eyes by pitching Parque, against the first contender we'd faced in weeks was quite disturbing. Seeing no one up in the pen while the Sox laid down in the 7th was even more disturbing.

The Sox managed a threat in the 8th but lay down again for the A's bullpen, as they'd been doing all night againt winning pitcher Lidle. Lidle came into the game with something like a 14. 0 ERA, and pitched eight Ks to no walks and retired 16 straight Sox at one point with barely two balls out of the infield; and even Konerko's 1st inning, two run scoring single was barely more than Ducksnort. Mark Johnson just teased us in the 9th with his 2 run dinger and Royce (the "Babe") Clayton got the tying run to the plate with a 2 out walk in the ninth, but alas it was just a teaser and the Sox whimpered home again, missing yet another great chance against a legitimate contenter while the unbiased fans everywhere asked "why , Jerry, why ...???"

Maybe someday, we'll wake up and Jerry will have a spine and he will take the reins and lead the Sox to victory again (or lose that brain tumor that's obviously working its way into some frontal lobes). Sending Nardi in to calm down Rauch, who'd already had Mark Johnson out to the mound to calm him down after the missed signal blunder just added to woes that happened to the Sox in the 5th. But Jerry made the biggest brain fart of them all by bringing Parque into a tied game in the 6th.

Why can't Jerry spend his time reading the riot act to Parque about his whining and send him right back down the minors where he needs more time to complete the physical rehab, and yes, maybe grow up a little. Maybe Canseco can give Parque some coaching on that one. In fact, I would just as soon leave one more of our ailing pitchers down in the minors and have one Jose Canseco on the bench for a late inning PH, but that would take all that exciting base running out of Charlotte for now

...Hopefully, Burly-mon can come through yet one more time tomorrow against Hudson and the A's with all the weight of the (Sox) world on his shoulders ...

04-27-2002, 03:59 AM
I think KW had a format for JM before the game started. Tonight was piss on Parque night. Let him get hit and leave him out there with no mound visits.

04-27-2002, 12:24 PM
I agree RedPinStrips, I thought it was a "let's show Parque what he is and he'll shut up" night. The thing that bothers me about that is the rest of the team has to suffer for it and that ein't right at all. I can't stand that little twit. He was never starter material. He should have been long relief from the get go since he never could make it much past the fifth. I remember the one time JM left him in because Parque was whining about JM pulling him "early." He left him in and Parque got knocked about, I just can't remember if the Sox pulled it out or not in that game. With the way the Sox bend to every bit of whining from Parque, you'd think he was a shorter version of Randy Johnson or something. I think time has come to either get rid of him or send him back to AAA to work on his game some more...truthfully, I think AAA was too good for him - he should have been in AA cuz if he pitches in the bigs anymore the fans are going to be headed for AA. :gulp:
:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

04-27-2002, 01:43 PM
Jerry's iobviously not afraid to lose a game. I think he felt that he had to see where Parque will be useful. In his second inning Parque did hit 87, slowly regaining speed, but also this shuts up Parque. Im sure the Sox still have plans for him when he returns to full health, so they don't want him bitching all the time. I'd say let him be the long reliever for a while.

04-27-2002, 01:46 PM
Originally posted by nut_stock
Jerry's iobviously not afraid to lose a game.

Herein lies both Jerry's genius and his idiocy. Great managers realize that taking a risk and losing a game could mean 4 or 5 extra wins later... waht Jerry needs to do is not spend an entire month risking wins, like last April.

charlie browned
04-27-2002, 02:05 PM
It has to be about money. If the actions of a presumably rational organization can't be reasonably explained (i.e., putting a sore-armed 5' 9" AA pitcher getting shelled at the AAA level into a close major league game, who has demonstrated that he can't get his fastball above 86 mph and that his change is slow enough to remove the surprise in any batting situation), then it's money that's the explanation.

Since the Sox are paying Parque a major league contract, they may need to show that he can't perform at the major league level before releasing him. By calling him up, they have nothing to lose: if he can't perform, he's gone at a minimum loss; he performs, his trade value rises.