View Full Version : 2008 Sox minor league breakthroughs?

A. Cavatica
02-26-2008, 11:18 PM
Who wants to put forth their list of 2008 Sox prospects to watch? I am curious to see if Getz can challenge for the 2B/leadoff job, if Lucy and Orlando and Hernandez can hit, if Valido can salvage his career, if Shelby can make a great leap forward, and if Silverio can establish himself. I know nothing about Jose Martinez except that BA rated him 'best outfield arm' and our #4 prospect, nothing about Lyndon Estill except BA rated him 'best athlete'.

Among the pitchers, I will enjoy watching the spring competition among Broadway, Egbert, Russell, and Haeger. And Poreda's progress. But I don't know much about our pitchers below double-A; who are the sleepers?

02-27-2008, 09:26 AM
I've never seen him throw, but I have a great feeling about Poreda.

02-27-2008, 10:02 AM
Anderson Gomes, Dewon Day, Sergio Miranda, John Lujan

02-27-2008, 10:34 AM
Categorized by what level they played on last year, these are prospects that caught my eye from their stats in '07 and I'd like to see a big jump from and prove themselves as strong prospects in our organization:


-Jason Bourgeois. Hopefully he can come up to the Sox and do the things they WANTED Andy Gonzalez to do, but actually be successful at them. He's versatile, puts up good avg/obp, and has speed. I don't know if he's going to focus on 2b or the OF, but if CF is an option, best case scenario is he turns out to be what we wanted Owens to be: 275/350 with 25-30 sb's a year. If not, maybe he can be a supersized version of Ozuna.
-Guys like Broadway, Day, Collaro, and Haeger can hopefuly do better to either step in as a starter if need be (not Collaro, but the others), or build trade value to package together at the deadline if we want to make a move if we're in contention.


-Jack Egbert. With his heavy sink perfect for the Cell, I'd really like to see him actually pitch for the Sox and not used as trade bait. With 2 back to back solid seasons, a 3rd should solidify his spot on the '09 team or '08 if the opportunity presents itself.
-Chris Getz. If Bourgeois is playing in the OF, then this means Getz will be the 2b in Charlotte. Hopefully he can build off of his strong '07 return and prove he's ready for the bigs. For the White Sox, we seem to have a bit of a logjam at 2b, so he might serve as a good piece in a trade. I highly doubt Richar, Ramirez, Ozuna, and Bourgeois all fail for Getz to get his shot at 2b.
-Oneli Perez/Adam Russell. They both should be up in Charlotte this year (I'm guessing), and both can be very effective relievers. Having these guys be successful can either help us package them for a trade or bring them up to the bigs and package a Macdougal or Sisco or Masset in a trade. Strictly from the stats, I like what O.Perez brings to the table. He seems to just go out there and do his job year in and year out.

A (W/S):

-Micah Schnurstein, Derek Rodriguez, Brian Omogrosso, John Lujan, and Jon Link all put up solid '07 numbers, and them putting together a similarly impressive '08 should open people's eyes.

A (Kanny):

-John Shelby. Another 2b/OF showing promise, but there's, again, a logjam at 2b. I believe his success started when he made the move to the OF. The Red Sox rumored to have interest in him earlier this offseason, so my guess is that's what he'll be best served as....trade bait. Either way, a solid '08 will keep his value somewhat high.
-Archie Gilbert. Even though he's 24 and in A ball, I love Archie Gilbert. You gotta love a guy who's 5'8, can get on base and steal the heck out of bases. I've been pulling for him the past few years and continue to do so. I highly doubt anything will ever come of him besides a trade.
-Sergio Miranda. After dominating Great Falls, he did decent at Kanny. With Silviero (sp?) and Ramirez getting all the SS attention, it'll be interesting to see if he can have an impressive '08 to give us surprising depth up the middle down on the farm.

R (Bristol):

-Nick Mahin/Jose Martinez. Both had strong '07 years, but Jose is only 19 which is great to see. If he can play his way up to W/S or Birmingham, that'd be a very productive '08 for him and would shoot him up the charts as far as one of our top prospects.
-Po-Yu Lin/ Adam Tollefson. Both are 21 and both had good '07's. Might start in Kanny and hopefully move up to W/S. Just keep plugging along, guys.

R (Great Falls):

-Christian Marrero/Salvador Sanchez. Very talented, just need to do it consistently.
-Juan Moreno/John Ely/Wander Perez. Young and performing right out of the gate. Again, hopefully reach W/S by year's end.

Overall, these guys are very talented and coming off of very good years. They didn't have Joba Chamberlain/Clay Buccholz good years, but still very productive. Best case scenario is that these guys make a huge jump to become a top prospect, or at least they become serviceable for trades down the road. Add that to another successful '08 draft, and our system, in my opinion, would lack the superstar can't miss prospect, but is deep with a lot of solid/average prospects that other teams might want to take a chance on.