View Full Version : ESPN Ombudsman looks at Mitchell Report coverage

01-14-2008, 02:33 PM
At the end she goes after this stunt that was pulled. She lets a viewer speak for her....



"ESPN's fairness is severely in question after what ESPN2 did towards the end of the Jan. 7 Roger Clemens press conference," wrote Carlos Holmes of Dover, Del. "To run negative e-mail comments about Clemens at the bottom of the screen during the live coverage of the press conference leaves pretty much indisputable evidence that ESPN has made up its mind on the issue. I personally don't presume to know whether Clemens' denials are the truth, but it would seem if a network is going to afford the athlete the opportunity to hold a live press briefing on the matter, then the network should at least give him the opportunity to do so without distracting the viewers -- some of whom want to have an open mind and hear what the pitcher has to say -- from what he is saying."

01-14-2008, 02:49 PM
I don't get that email. ESPN didn't "afford him the opportunity". The press conference would have went on regardless of whether ESPN broadcast it or not. It wasn't like it was a setup. "Here... you can talk and we'll make fun of you during it".

Also...anyone who is potentially influenced by comments at the bottom of the screen by "geforce97" is probably not very smart anyway.

"Well Marge, I thought he was innocent until I saw what was written on the bottom by cshilling38rulez"