View Full Version : The Curt Gowdy of Canada dies at 69

12-20-2007, 09:44 AM
Very talented announcer. If you have watched US TV sports over the past 30 years you know his voice. He recently became a cult hero in the US by announcing Curling on NBC.

Former voice of the Blue Jays who along with Tony Kubek was one of the best announcing teams I have ever heard. Kubeck caused him to utter one of the great bloopers of all time on the air.

There was a pitcher for Texas by the name of Greg Harris. His unique claim to fame was he was ambidextrous. While warming up on the sidelines, he would throw with either hand. It was like looking in a mirror. At any rate, we were doing the broadcast of the game and (Tony) Kubek made the point that Harris was ambidextrous and Chevy’s response was classic:
‘That would be a manager’s dream come true because it would save him having to go to the bullpen again because Greg Harris, being ambidextrous, could relieve himself on the mound.’

Don Chevrier, 69: Sports broadcaster (http://www.thestar.com/News/Obituary/article/286926)

Over his career, the Toronto-born announcer called everything from the first Jays game to the Grey Cup to the Kentucky Derby to hockey, with a long list of other sports in between. And he did it all with a professionalism that landed him work at CBC, CTV, ABC and NBC.
``When Howard Cosell was in Montreal to do boxing with Don, Cosell was introduced to me," recalled TSN announcer Brian Williams. ``He said, `Are all Canadian sportscasters as good as Don Chevrier?'"