View Full Version : TSN calls Injun's pitching mediocre

04-18-2002, 06:17 PM
Got a good laugh from this statement from Brendan Roberts of
The Sporting News... :gulp: :)



Chicago White Sox -- four games vs. "mediocre" Indians pitching staff. That ugly word in quotes meant dozens of e-mails from Cleveland faithful last week. The Tribe is in good hands. However, I'll stick by what I said -- they were leading the AL in pitching after nine games vs. the Angels, Tigers and Twins, not exactly top hitting teams. As I mentioned earlier, nine games do not a season make, as Chuck Finley and Danys Baez proved these past two nights. In fact, I'm so confident the Tribe won't finish in the top five in the majors in ERA, I'll donate $100 (a lot for a journalist, you know) to United Way if they do. That will up the ante a bit.