View Full Version : How are the Chicago papers talking about baseball?

04-18-2002, 10:12 AM
Since I go to school up here in Milwaukee I can't see how the papers are talking about Chicago baseball lately.

I mean the sCrUBS are 5-9. Moises Alou only has 10 ABs and Fred McGriff continues to struggle. To further prove how bad the Cubs are, Juan Cruz's ERA is 1.50, but hes 0-3. Why? Cause he has given up 8 un earned runs and gotten a run support of 0.6. Wood and Lieber are looking ok, but this team is still 5-9.

Then you have the Sox who have won 8 of their last 9, including beating the first place Indians 2 games in a row and snapping their 11 game in streak. Their offseason aquisition (KLofton) is off to a huge start. Ray Durham is off to maybe his best season ever, and both Mags and Konerko are hot. Mark Buehrle is arguably the best pitcher in the AL right now, and Todd Ritchie is looking pretty good.

I would say the Sox are 10 steps ahead of the Cubs, yet I am sure they get no respect......

04-18-2002, 10:29 AM
I think the papers are giving the Sox their due, but they also tend to emphasize the negative about what's happening this year -- the low attendance, fights at the park, etc. At least that's the Tribune -- I generally don't read the Sun-Times.

The Cubs could very well fall off the radar screen in the next month or two if they keep this up (Lieber needing surgery would further pound a nail in their coffin), and then I think you'd see the Sox dominating the news even if Sham-ME hits 60 zingers again. But, we'll see.