View Full Version : BEST game EVER!

04-17-2002, 03:54 PM
God, I am SOOOOOOOOOOO glad I went to last night's game. It was me and three of my pals, and that was AWESOME!

Anyone who was at last night's game with me knows what I'm talking about. The walk up crowd, the energy, and a nine-run second inning! Damn, that was one of, and probably the, best game I have ever seen at Comiskey Park (and I've seen some good ones... Sox-'Toons, 2000, first game back after that 7-game road sweep of Cleveland and NYY; Sox-Cubs, 1999, the "Shoelace Game" the Sox won in 10 innings)...

Man, I was in Section 152, down the left field line (not bad for getting my tickets a whole 5 minutes after the game started)... Anyways, there were some Tribe fans around us, and of course, after Russ Branyan smacked his homer out, they all started to party like it was 1995... Yeah, that didn't last too long...

The only word I can use to describe that second inning was pure pandamonium. Especially after Magglio's grand slam, Good Lord!!! The crowd went nuts... We were ripping the Tribe fans apart, screaming, high-fiving each other... Absoletuely great! And everyone loves a good, "CLEVE-LAND SUCKS! CLEVE-LAND SUCKS!" chant... :smile:

And Jon Rauch was lights out. I would have liked to see him get the W, but, hey, what are you going to do?

After that, we (as well as most of the rest of the crowd) turned our attention to the various fights in the stands... The best one, IMO, was like in row one of the left field bleachers... Some guy was wearing like a straw hat and was wrestling with some other guy. Too funny! :smile:

And of course, the girls who were flashing the crowd was well... Remember, I have the mind of an 18-year-old male... Leave it at that.

Also, the 9-11 tribute was very classy. I'm amazed that such a rowdy crowd simmered down so quickly... But I wish they would have done Take Me Out To the Ballgame... I was considering doing it by myself, but figured I'd probably get my "unpatriotic ass" kicked. :D:

Also, this was the first game were I was in the concourse under the upper deck. I didn't know they renovated that, too! I've been in the upper deck and I was in the bleachers, but I never knew what they did to the rest of the park... In a word? Beautiful... I already liked Comiskey as it was, but the place looks great now.

And, to top off what would have been a perfect night anyways, one of my friends who went with me, who was a lifelong Scrub fan, told us afterwards that he had been converted to Soxianity... He bleeds silver and black, too.


Oh, yeah. This is why I'm a Sox fan.