View Full Version : Great game

04-17-2002, 08:22 AM
Went to the park for my 4th game out of the first five so far and a few observations ....

I liked Rauch and thought he looked pretty decent. I thought they should have left him in to get the win, but who knows, he might have given up 6 or 7 runs. Osu-NOOOOOO did his best to slant Rauch's era stats. I think its rediculous that the runner on first that scores gets credited to Rauch and not Osuna. Oh well, its all about the W, right?

Maggs rocks, but everyone knows that already. However, if Royce can keep up his torrid .250 BA and pleasant surprise power displays, the Sox will be awesome!! Seattle's win record could be in jeopardy!!

As far as the fights go, keep it up Sox fans!!! Especially if it involves shutting up a loudmouth Tribe or Flub fan!!!! Fights and exposed breasts are a much better tradition to have then throwing back homerun balls, some ugly homeless guy annoying everyone in the bleachers, billy goat curses, black cat curses, and any of the other loser cub mainstays. My advice to people with there kids, if there is potential for offense near you, move to a different section. God knows there are plenty of empty seats to choose from!