View Full Version : Art Kushner

04-16-2002, 02:31 PM
Anyone hear how our bullpen coach is with our pitchers. I hear alot of bad things about Nardi. Is Art better?

If he is, I say ditch Nardi, Give Art the Pitching coach job, and make Cal Eldred The Bullpen coach.

Wait, maybe not, Cal Did pitch his elbow into oblivian, don't know if he would be a smart choice there.

04-16-2002, 02:40 PM
isnt Art a former catcher? i remember a few days ago Hawk/DJ talking about how he, being a former catcher understands pitchers, but i dont know about as a pitching coach. Whatever happened to Ray Miller (Baltimore). he sucked as a manager but he always seemed like a great pitching coach.

04-16-2002, 02:47 PM
Yes he was a catcher for the Angels. I don't think its common, but catchers do understand the mechanics of pitching. They have to be able to recognize if the pitcher they are catching is messing up or not.

04-16-2002, 03:39 PM
I remember he was a coach for the A's from sometime before he went to Chicago. I never heard any complaints about him out here.