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Lip Man 1
09-21-2007, 09:43 AM
September 22, 1959 - The White Sox clinch the American League pennant beating the Indians 4 - 2 in Cleveland.Al Smith and "Jungle" Jim Rivera hit back to back home runs in the game. Smith also throws out former Sox star "Minnie" Minoso trying to score a run. A crowd estimated by the Chicago Sun Times at 125,000 were at Midway Airport to greet the Sox when they returned home. All this on a night when Chicago fire commissioner Robert Quinn ordered the air raid sirens turned on to celebrate the title, causing fear and panic in a number of non baseball fans who thought the Russians were attacking. The Sox would wind up winning the 1959 pennant by five games over the Tribe with a mark of 94 - 60. (A few of the members of the 1959 American League Champions including Billy Pierce, Bob Shaw and J.C. Martin talk about that wild night in their interviews at White Sox Interactive.)


September 22, 1966 - In a game at Yankee Stadium, Joe Horlen and he teammates stop New York to the tune of 4 - 1. Only 413 fans were in attendance at the gigantic stadium. Itís believed to be the smallest home crowd ever at a Yankee game.

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