View Full Version : Fans spout off on ESPN about why their team is giving them fits

09-20-2007, 03:25 PM
Some of the highlights include:

My team doing an unprecedented choke + my most hated team pulling off an unprecedented comeback = worst season ever. Nearly every day, the Mets' lead falls by another game, and so does the Yankees' deficit -- it's like watching the world collapse in slow motion.Are you nuts? YOUR TEAM IS STILL IN FIRST PLACE! You're still probably going to the postseason! What kind of pain is that? I would LOVE to trade places with you. Try being a Seattle fan. We just went through a week-long root canal without Novocaine followed by a two-week colonoscopy.I hope all of your cable boxes break today and the only thing that comes in is "Fever Pitch." Now someone please inject me with whatever cocktail they put in Roger Clemens' elbow.Red Sox fans just just shut up. In general. You never stop complaining. Everyone else, let the Pirates know when you get to FIFTEEN consecutive losing seasons and then you can complain. By that time they'll be in the thirties.Mercifully, we're playing chicken with the Cubs, challenging them to see who can lose the most games and still reach October, and so long as that's happening, we're staying out of the water.Start with the lack of chemistry and go from there. So even if they win their minor-league division, Lou Piniella's band of misfit toys can plan their vacations for the second weekend in October.There are a few more on the page, I just didn't want to post too many of them. I want to drink with these guys :gulp: