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Lip Man 1
09-05-2007, 09:22 AM
September 6, 1903 - Guy ĎDocí White of the White Sox hurls a one hitter in beating Cleveland 1 - 0 in ten innings in a game in Chicago. It would be the first of five one hitters thrown by White between 1903 and 1908. White never threw a no hitter by the way. In addition to being a great pitcher, White was also a dentist and an evangelist.

September 6, 1905 - Sox pitcher Frank Smith tosses a no hitter against Detroit, in Detroit. The Sox win easily 15 - 0 and sweep the twin bill.

September 6, 1971 - Sox pitcher Steve Kealy belts a three run 8th inning home run at Comiskey Park off the Twins Ray Corbin. It helps the Sox to a 6 - 3 win. It would be the last time a Sox pitcher homered in a game at home.

September 6, 1981 - Itís the beginning of the end for broadcaster Jimmy Piersall in connection with the Sox. Piersall and Harry Caray appear on the Mike Royko show on WLS-TV. Royko asked the duo how they handle baseball wives who dislike the comments they make about their husbands. Caray said "You know what Mike. I would love to call all the wives together someday and tell them what their husbands say about them across the ballfield." Piersallís answer was more controversial to say the least. "First of all they were horny broads that wanted to get married, and they wanted a little money, a little security and a big strong ballplayer. I traveled, I played. I got a load of those broads too." (Jimmy Piersall talks in depth about his time with the White Sox in his interview with White Sox Interactive.)

September 6, 1999 - In a double header at Texas, manager Jerry Manuel and star DH Frank Thomas get into an argument after Thomas refuses to pinch hit in the second game. Manuel is livid and sends Thomas back to Chicago. Itís discovered after examination by team doctors that Thomas saying he was hurt rang true. They found a bone spur the size of a walnut on the outside of his ankle which required surgery.

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