View Full Version : For those having trouble tuning into sox-and-roll

04-09-2002, 04:41 AM
I found a much easier way to make sure that live365 will be the default player. If Windows media or real1 come up as your default and will not play anything on our station, you can go to this link. http://www.live365.com/listen/player365-download.html and that player will make a short cut on your desk top so you can go right to our station and that player will come up for all live365 stations.

This will make life much easier on those of you having trouble. Hopefully this helps the people with the slower connections also. We have a lot of listeners for being on the air for a month, but I'm greedy and want every Sox fan with a pc to tune in :D: When Rob Gallas and KW are listening in to find out what they are doing wrong in promotions and with their broadcast crews, i'll be happy. lol

If anyone has any trouble, email us tomorrow a few hours before the show. JoeBatters and I will be getting ready around 3 so we'll both be there to help anyone out who's having trouble. We had 40 listeners total last week. Not bad, but I'm sure we could have had more if everyone was able to tune in. Let's get some of the kinks out so everyone can hear what a totally biased broadcast is like.

Hope to hear from you during the show!

Here kitty kittty kitty........POW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!