View Full Version : Hopeful still, just upset

08-02-2007, 01:07 PM
Just a little discussion on whether you baseball nuts think Charlie Haeger is big league material? I personally like watching the Knuckle baller, plus he is a good friend of mine back home. SO I guess i am sort of partial toward him. Did he deserve to be sent back for his performance on that game, becuase the other outings he had he came in and did fairly well. He was just getting settled in with the Team and finding his place. I do not think the Ump was right for ejecting him. Did you see the replay. That ball was coming down the middle when it went up and left. WOW That was something. SO what the player before him hit his fast ball and got a HR. **** Happens!! You Know!!

08-02-2007, 01:21 PM
He wasn't sent down because of last night. I think Haeger needs to be starting to be effective at this level. Knucklers are so hot and cold, he's going to give up hits and some runs. Which as a starter over 6-7 innings isn't awful. But when you are relying on him to pitch one or two innings, that can be a huge problem. It's time to see if Macdougal has gotten his act together and can contribute to this team next year.