View Full Version : Send KW back to the minors.

04-03-2002, 02:04 PM
I cant believe this guy! He is either really stupid or has absolutely no feel for being a GM whatsoever. Not only is he the board rooms laughing stock of baseball, but he is going to phuckup are forseeable future; which to me is dam frightening! First off, I think Kip&Sean, or Kip&Fogg and another low tier prospect should have been plenty to get Ritchie. But for some reason KW fell for the bait, and as of right now 1 of them could probably done much better than anyone else in the bullpen has thus far. But the most upsetting move was his last, giving up, what in most organizations would be there top pitching prospect, an 18 game winner in the minors, Guerrier, for a guy who was about to get cut from, dare I say PITTSburgh! And has bounced around with a career era over 5!. If he keeps this up he could blow our whole future just to try to compete for 1 year. I think he should go back to scouting in the minors, where he did a MUCH BETTER job! :angry: :schueler "I am here to try and get my job back before Kenny ####s up everything I helped build!"