View Full Version : The (+) and (-) of Sox-mariners 4-2-02

04-03-2002, 08:46 AM
Feel free to disagree on some of these since I didn't actually see the game after we got the lead. I decided it would make me sleep easier with a lead instead of staying up to watch the bullpen blow it.

(+) Todd Ritchie- Only 3 runs given up. Pretty strong outing

(+) Jon Rauch- Only bullpen member who did good. didn't even give up a hit.

(+)Kenny Lofton- Big hit that should've won the game had the bullpen held up.

(+) Magglio Ordonez- Just because he got a couple his after not getting a hit yesterday
(-) Lorenzo Barcelo- 2 runs after getting only 1 batter out.

(-) Damaso Marte- Only faced 1 batter but gave up a 2 run single

(-) Mike Porzio- Came in and gave up 2 walks

(-) Sandy Alomar- 1 hit, 2 strikeouts, 1 big error

(-) Royce Clayton- Another ohfer. 3 strikeouts. 4 LOB

04-03-2002, 09:03 AM
+ Ritchie looked downright good out there. His three runs surrendered should have really been just one. The defense and the throwing by Alomar cost him the other two. His stuff had good movement. He kept the ball low for the mostpart. He changed speeds well. He threw strikes.

+ Lofton!!!! He's my pick to make a surprise run at the batting title this year. Kenny is just a bad-ass, plain and simple. It's so great to watch him terrorize the opposition the way he's done it to us for so many years.

- Frank. What's he doing up there? Jumping around. Flinching. Making faces. His swing is a mess. He's pulling off the ball and flailing at the ball the same way he did in his past slumps. I hope he snaps out of it soon.

- Jerry Manuel. Why have good guys sitting on the bench if you're not going to pinch hit them late in the game when the perfect opportunity arises?

- The Bullpen. 'Nuff said.

04-03-2002, 05:10 PM
+Todd Ritchie. When he started the game striking Ichiro out, he got me pumped.

-Ray Durham. With two men in scoring position and a 4-3 lead, he cannot look for a single to make it a 6-3 lead, but go for the long ball and pop it up. Thanks for killing the biggest inning and opportunity Ray. Right where you left off from last year. Trade bait my ass, nobody wants him.

-Marte, Porzio, Howry, Barcelo. I believe two of these guys walked in runs. Pathetic.