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California Sox
07-04-2007, 10:34 PM
Charlotte defeated Durham 7-3
Snyder 2-5 2HR 3 rbi
Sweeney 3-5
Worst Person ever 1-2 hr 2bb
Richar 1-4 hr 2 rbi bb
Bourgeois 2-5
Rogo 2-4
Haeger 6IP 6H 3R 2ER 1BB 4K
Wasserman, Sierra, Day combined for 3 scoreless.

Birmingham beat West Tenn 5-2
Russell 6IP 7H 2R 2ER 1BB 5K
Mercedes 3-4 HR
Garret Aldridge Kelly all 2-4
Nanita 1-3 2 rbi

W-S spanked Frederick 13-2
Valido 2-4 3 runs, 2 rbi
Schnurstein 4-5 3 rbi
Armstrong 3-5
Castiloo 2-5 HR 3 rbi
DRodriguez 7IP 5H 2R 1ER 1BB 5K

Kanny was rained out

Bristol put a hurtin' on Greeneville 14-1
(This Bristol team can hit, they can't pitch which explains why they're 4-11)
Gerst 3-6 sb
Vargas 1-4 2bb 3 runs
Jose Martinez 3-5 HR 4 rbi bb .410
Johnson 3-5 2b .394
Cheatham 1-4 2bb 2 runs .324
Mahin 1-5 HR (first professional homer)
Luna 5-6
Lin 5IP 5H 1R 1ER 0BB 6K

Great Falls beat Missoula 6-1
Moreno 7IP 6H 0R 0ER 1BB 7K 2.84 ERA
Marrero 1-3 with his 4th triple. After playing mostly at first he returned to RF today and showed off that cannon threw a guy out at third and at home.
Retherford 2-3 double, he's hit safely in every game thus far .333
Gallagher 1-3 double
Everyone in lineup has a hit Sanchez (0-5), who does have an rbi.

07-05-2007, 08:12 AM
Is the Black Knight healthy now or is he still playing injured? He's batting .324 over his last 10 games with 3 HR's.

07-05-2007, 10:34 AM
From what I can tell, he's taken advantage of a lot of left handed pitching lately. Don't know if he's healthy. I guess getting fat on lefties is better than struggling against them.

07-05-2007, 10:43 AM
I didn't realize it was mostly left handers recently but whatever works. There just wasn't a lot said about his injury at the time but his avg dropped a lot after that point and within the last couple weeks has been improving so I was just curious. Thanks for the insight though.

07-05-2007, 07:20 PM
Well, he's 2-2 with ye olde grand slam today against a righty so I may have been overstating the lefty thing a bit. :bandance: