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Lip Man 1
07-03-2007, 12:12 PM
July 4, 1960 - Bill Veeckís exploding scoreboard is featured in a night shot on the cover of Sports Illustrated. The caption reads, "Fireworks At Comiskey Park."

July 4-5, 1964 - During the 1960's the White Sox were synonymous with outstanding pitching...pitching that was the envy of most of major league baseball (excluding only perhaps, the Dodgers) The best example of this was these two days in Chicago over the 4th of July holiday in 1964. In a time span of roughly 28 hours, the White Sox threw three straight complete game shutouts against the Indians. On the 4th of July itself, Gary Peters blanked the Tribe on three hits, winning 4-0. In the Sunday doubleheader it was Juan Pizarro in game one, tossing a seven hitter, winning 2-0. Then in the nightcap it was Joe Horlen with a 5-0 blanking on four hits. In 27 innings, Cleveland managed no runs on 14 hits. Now thatís pitching!!!

July 4, 1972 - Sox catcher Ed Herrmann is involved in three double plays which ties the record for most involving a catcher in a single game. The three include Herrmann in the middle of a pitcher-catcher-first base one, a strike emí out, thrown emí out stealing twin killing and a thrown out at home, throw out at second one. The Sox turn five double plays against Baltimore but lose 2-1.

July 4, 1978 - At the urging of then manager Larry Doby, the White Sox bring up Tony LaRussa to become the clubís new first base coach. LaRussa cut his teeth managing with success in the minor leagues and was deemed ready by Doby and others to take the next step.

July 4, 2000 - Ray Durham and Jose Valentin lead off the Sox half of the first inning in Kansas City with back to back home runs. Itís the first time in Sox history that happened since 1937. The game also marked the major league debut for Jon Garland who only lasted three innings in the 10 - 7 loss. It was the end of the Sox 12 game road winning streak. The last ten of those 12 road wins came against teams with records of at least .500, making the Sox the only team since 1900 to accomplish that.


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